EBSB Events in IITH


online events 1
online events 2
When the campuses closed due to the spread of the COVID-19 in 2020, EBSB went on to organize events and competitions online. Ranging from food making contests to an online version of the “Traditional Day”, we strived to give the IITH community a small yet much needed break from time to time and are continuing to do the same for the students stuck at home.


sky lantern 1
sky lantern 2
As a soothing and scenic closure to the evening of the festival of Diwali, we arranged for the lighting of Sky Lanterns for the students, faculty and staff in groups of 4-5. It was a sight to behold.


diya rangoli 1
diya rangoli 2
Students away from their homes often miss the festivities of the house. In our attempt to give the IITH campus a flavour of home, a diya decoration and rangoli making contest was organized near the mess where the students, faculty and staff showcased their artistic talents.


traditional day 1
With students from across the country it becomes interesting to see how the different cultures dress for the auspicious day of Diwali. We organized a traditional day where several people shared the stage to showcase their ethnicity!


Kho kho tournament 1
Kho kho tournament 2
It is said that sports is one of the best ways to bring people together. Carrying the spirit of sportsmanship, a Kho-Kho tournament was organized to help relive the childhood days


Dandiya night 1
Dandiya night 1
With the covid blues finally diminishing, EBSB conducted the first few offline events on the occasion of Dussehra. A fun filled dandiya night where students enjoyed and refreshed the long lost moves was a grand start


EBSB day 1
EBSB day 2
EBSB day 3
Under the “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” (EBSB) club of IIT Hyderabad, students celebrated EBSB day on 2nd of February. The celebration started with the discussion among students and coordinators of club about events conducted by EBSB club in January month. Suggestions from student were warmly welcomed by the whole team.


Lohri 1
Lohri 2
Under the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat club of IIT Hyderabad, all the students and faculty witnessed a vibrant Lohri celebration on 13th of January which started with a bonfire. The students along with the Director Prof. B. S. Murthy and Dean Students, Prof. P. Raja Lakshmi burnt the Lohri and celebrated according to the Punjabi traditions and customs.


Sankranthi 1
Sankranthi 2
Sankranthi 3
Under the EBSB club of IIT Hyderabad, the IITH community celebrated Makar Sankranti on 15th of January with various competitions. The students showcased their talent in various activities. A sky touching fun with kite-flying filled everyone with joy, thrill and inspiration.


Ethnic day 1
Ethnic day 2
Ethnic day 3
India is home to various traditions and diverse cultures. We follow the theme of unity in diversity which allows every Indian to be exposed to other cultures. But as time passed by, Indians have started forgetting age old cultures and traditions. In order to educate everyone about our diverse cultures and traditions, the EBSB club conducted ethnic day on November 22, 2019. On this day, students wore traditional apparel which symbolised their traditional clothes.


Gonglur village 1
Gonglur village 2
Gonglur village 3
The EBSB club at IITH conducted a visit to a nearby village, Gongloor, Sangareddy district. Here, students took part in programmes which focused on transforming the village into a Model Village. Students analysed the administration of the village and proposed innovative ideas and took part in a vidyadaan programme in the government school. They also taught villagers the importance of SWACHH BHARAT, and spread awareness regarding some state of art agricultural practices. They also helped clean the roads of the village. They planned this visit in order to help villages progress which in turn develops the nation.


Inauguration 1
Inauguration 2
Inauguration 3
The programme was inaugurated by prof B.S. Murthy, Director of IIT Hyderabad present in inaugural dais were prof Raja Lakshmi, Dean students and Dr. Abhishek Kumar, the faculty in charge of EBSB club. The programme started with greeting the guests on the dais through floral presentation and lamp lighting. Prof Raja Lakshmi delivered the introductory note and explained the concept of “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharath”. She revealed that IIT Hyderabad has been paired with IIT Kanpur and students of both states will be exposed to the culture of one another. A team of 50 students accompanied by faculty from each institute will visit each other's campus to expose themselves to culture of others. The IITH EBSB website was launched by Prof B.S. Murthy, the director of IITH and described the relation of culture and its importance and explained how culture binds the entire nation. he said that Indian institute of technology, Kanpur and Indian institute of technology, Hyderabad are going to engage in student exchange programme in the month of June. Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Faculty in charge of EBSB motivated to CREATE an environment which promotes learning between States by sharing best practices and experiences. and ESTABLISH long-term engagements. The presentation of the website was given by student coordinator which included the events to be conducted in the present and upcoming semesters. The Dean students introduced the club members to the students of IITH and ended the event.