Dussehra '23

  • Conducted On: October 17-19, 2023
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Dussehra is a significant Hindu festival celebrated with immense joy and fervor throughout India. This grand festival not only holds religious significance but also symbolizes the victory of righteousness, truth, and justice in our lives. It is a time when communities come together to celebrate their diverse cultural heritage and engage in a variety of traditional customs and festivities, making it one of the most eagerly awaited festivals in the country.

Over the course of two eventful days, our Dussehra celebrations offered a delightful experience. On the 17th of October, we kicked off with "Golu - Clay Doll Making," a celebration of South Indian traditions, where participants shaped clay figurines that whispered silent tales of culture and heritage. It was a hands-on experience allowing everyone to channel their creative imagination. On the 19th of October, we immersed ourselves in the vibrant Telangana tradition of "Bathukamma." Participants came together to craft intricate floral arrangements that celebrated unity and love, capturing the essence of this beloved festival. The evening continued with "Garba & Dandiya," featuring a special performance by Shuffle, followed by an energetic Dandiya dance session, twirling into the night with joy and enthusiasm.